Message of Dean

Dear students

Welcome to our faculty embraced tradition and future on the way of knowledge and wisdom and obtained the ideal target including of growing the faithful, knowledgeable, competent and productive theologians in the field of the theology.

First of all I congratulate you and your families because of your success on the process of the difficult university exams and thank you because of your preferring our faculty.

No doubt that our faculty will enable you to use the opportunities of our university and the city in the most advanced level to have the best degree from the aspect of knowledge and to solve the challenges of your student life easily. Furthermore our faculty aims to become a theological faculty taking place in the first row in the academic, physical and social fields by the agency of the young, dynamic and emotional staffs that our faculty has.

I believe that you will have the special own roles and place as students having love of knowledge and wisdom on the way of growing of the faculty. And I believe that you will step into the business world when you finish your education and leave our faculty and you will be representing our faculty the best way wherever you are as theologians and teachers reached competence and qualifications offering science, knowledge and wisdom to humanity after four years picked full of experience at the university.

Dear students,

I congratulate you again for the justify pleasure that you have experienced your family as winning the faculty. And I would like you and your families know that we will work so hard as the staffs of Theological Faculty of The Bulent Ecevit University for being of the pleasure constantly.

I celebrate you and your families with these feelings and thoughts and I wish all of us to bring our new education year good and blessings for us.